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Party Games (Mystery Who-Done-It Games)  

These mystery who-done-it party games are sure to be a crowd pleaser.  And, they cost less than a third what other games cost.   Be warned that you will need to print out a copy of the document we email you upon your order.  (Computers just do not fit very well into the notion of inviting people over to play a party game!)  Complete instructions for playing a game are included.  To read a sample of a game, click on the icon or the game's title.  To order a game, click on the Ordering menu on the left.

If you are a writer and would like to submit a game to us, please see our Writers section.

party mystery game for sale1) The Missing Empress: A Swordfern Mystery Who-Done-It Game by Patrick Volpe.  Includes 5 major characters, 6 minor characters and numerous clues to help one solve the mystery. Game time varies on the players and the number of questions they ask, but approximately 2 hours. Players try to solve who kidnapped the missing Empress.  Approximately 91 pages, $10. 


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