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Childrens is used in our name instead of Children's because the browsers and search engines will not allow the apostrophe (at least in URLs). This site is under development, so pardon our primitive features and expect to see changes.

Are you an author of a children's book or a party mystery game and would like to see it published and sold electronically for a low cost?  If so, then this site is for you!  Childrens Online Books intends to provide high quality books and games by authors at bargain prices by using the internet. We are interested in receiving book submissions.  We largely cater to amateur authors, but will not discriminate to anyone meeting our standards.  All that we require is that you write an interesting book or game, use no pornography,  agree to our simple contract, and have the document ready for publication (sorry, we do not have in house editors). 

Here is how to submit a book or party game:

  • email us at
  • attach your document to the email (zip it if it is large).  It must be in MS Word97 format for a PC or in rich text format.
  • for faster service, ask in the email where you can send a hard copy of your document.   That way, we can read it while commuting into work.  Only the electronic copy will be used for publication.
  • your book must be ready for publication (no obvious spelling or other errors).  We do not have editors and obvious errors are grounds for rejection.

If your book or mystery game is accepted, sign our contract and mail it to us.  Submissions will be judged on their merits, largely considering the age of the intended audience.


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