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chidrens book for salw1) The Prisoners And Magicians Of The House Of Swan, by Patrick Volpe.  This book introduces the Kingdom of Swordfern.   You, the reader, are the Earl and have to figure out how to help your kingdom defeat its enemies.  It has many enemies, including the eastern savages, monsters, and the Mt. Amazons.  As you are reading, you will be asked to make certain choices.  If you choose poorly, you and your kingdom may die.  98 pages, $2.

Book2.wmf (3772 bytes)2) The Swan And The Curse Of Time, Book1, by Patrick Volpe.   You, the reader are the Earl in the Kingdom of Swordfern.  The kingdom is about to fall to Alpha Swan and her warriors.  Besides her well trained army, Alpha Swan is probably the most powerful and ugly sorceress alive.  You as the Earl must travel through time and make choices as you attempt to defeat Alpha Swan.  (This book is a complete book and requires no others.  However, someday a sequel will be published entitled The Swan And The Curse Of Time, Book2.)  115 pages, $2.


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