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The Swan And The Curse Of Time, Book1, by Patrick Volpe. (This book is a complete book.)  115 pages, $2.

...The priest smiles cleverly at Omega. He circles the lad like a vulture. He says "Well, well, well! If is not Omega, last of the House of Swan. Long have we priests been looking for you!" The priest then turns to the king. He asks, "Sire, why is there a Mt. Amazon spy within your palace? Why is he here at our secret meeting? How could your security have failed so miserably? This spy now knows our plans! Our hope to defeat the Mt. Amazons and save your kingdom may be ruined! He must die!" he demands.

The king is angry and embarrassed. He turns to you and asks, "Earl, why is your squire a spy! Why did you allow a member of the House of Swan into my kingdom? On your trust in him, I had given him a room in my palace next to yours. By your bringing him here, you have put my life and my daughter’s at risk. Why should I ever trust you again? Why should I not have both of your heads chopped off this instant?" he asks angrily.

You are now in deep trouble. The king is not joking. He is questioning your loyalty to him. Never has he spoken to you like this before. You realize that both your life and Omega’s are at risk. You kept Omega’s house a secret because you knew that no one would understand him. If they knew that he was a Mt. Amazon and a Swan, they would kill him. You know better. Omega has helped you on many occasions. He has been a loyal companion and squire. He is no threat to the kingdom. He is no threat to anyone. Yet, the king will not understand this. He wants someone’s head, and it might be yours! Saving just your own life should be fairly easy. However, if you attempt to save Omega’s life, you may doom your own.

So, what do you do? Do you try to save both Omega’s and your own life? Or do you try to save just your own? If you make the wrong choice, you may no longer have a royal neck. You may have no neck at all.

If you decide to save just your own head, turn to page 49.
If you try to save both Omega’s and your own life, turn to the next page.

(Page 49.) You decide to save just your own neck. The king is angry and he wants somebody’s head. You would rather have him take your squire’s head than your head. You say "I never knew my squire would try to stop me from saving the kingdom. I fed him, trained him, and took him into my castle, and this is the thanks he has showed me. I was mistaken to trust him. Yet, I have served you loyally all my life. My house has defended your line for many generations. Do not let this one mistake cost me my life. Spare my life and I swear that I will serve you to the best of my ability" you say.

The king says "Very well, I will spare your head."  He then calls his guards to take you and your squire away.   He orders them to take you to his  torture chambers...


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